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Yellow fin tuna, weighing between 3 and 25 kgs are available all year round, off the West coast of Mauritius. Dorados, wahoos and bonitos are also frequently found.



Fish Whisperer has an 85 % catch rate, taking clients fishing for Tuna, Bonito, Dorado and Wahoo with Silicone lures, Plastic Lures, Jigging and Casting.

For security and comfort, we have limited the places to 5 persons for our Small Game Fishing excursion in our big boat Extasea and to 3 persons inside our smaller boat, Mic Mac. The main focus of the excursion is mainly Dorados/Wahoos/Tunas/Bonitos. With a 85% catch up ratio guaranteed!



The technics we use

Trolling silicone lures from 3 to 4 knots,
Jigging, Casting, Fresh bait trolling.


Big Boat - Extasea

Small Boat - MicMac

(Maximum of 5 Persons)

(Maximum of 2 Persons)

Rs 13,000/Boat

Rs 9,000/Boat

Half Day excursion

Half Day excursion

Rs 15,500/Boat

Rs 12,000/Boat

Full Day excursion

Full Day excursion

Half Day: 5h am to 10h am or 13h30 am to 18h30 pm
Full day: 5h am to 13h pm or 10h30 am to 18h30 pm

Every excursion includes refreshments (Water & Soft drinks).
Additional cost of Rs 600/Person if clients would like us to organise food.

The Fishing excursion hours are very flexible, and can be settled depending on the demand or upon fishing conditions. Every fish caught on board will remain the Boat’s property. Fish Whisperer offers the client the opportunity to bring home one or two young fish (5kgs each) and can have them filleted for you!

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