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Our Kids Fishing excursions are specifically designed to provide a meaningful and enjoyable fishing opportunity for the youth!

We educate the youth in terms of angler ethics and fish identification to develop skills that provide a lifelong hobby.

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We make fishing fun and easy, by trolling at very low speeds in two of the most breathtaking lagoons on the West Coast of Mauritius before going snorkeling behind the reef, in a safe environment free of current and dangerous fish, the perfect timing to finish this family excursion.

Various species of fish are to be found such as rock cod, thumbprints and sky emperors. We guarantee you’ll catch something, whether it’s 10 cm or 1 m long.

Refreshments are not included*

The Fishing excursion hours are very flexible and are generally defined based on demand or fishing conditions.


(Maximum of 5 persons)

Rs 8,000/Boat
(3 hours Fishing trip & snorkelling)

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